The Stone Door Media Lab is a California-based creative think tank providing ratings research, customer data, digital media consumption analytics, market analysis, industry white papers and related business intelligence on both domestic and international initiatives.

“The Stone Door Media Lab helps companies, primarily within the entertainment space, to maximize their revenue growth by providing business intelligence behind what they do,” says Partner Jeff Green. “By looking at history and current trends, companies can make the right strategic moves for future growth.”

Stone Door works with a wide range of accounts including Fortune 500 companies. Clients include research firms, technology developers, entertainment industry companies and digital media specialists. Green says, “We work to identify meaningful revenue opportunities by determining correlations and causality of specific efforts undertaken by traditional and digital media, artists, labels, corporate marketers and social media service providers.”

In addition to commissioned assignments, Stone Door Media Lab both underwrites projects and partner with various firms and specialists. “There are questions across the media and entertainment industries that need to be answered,” Green says. “Our goal is to extract meaningful information from the deluge of data by collaborating with experts from many creative, business and academic sources.”

The Lab also will regularly publish industry research findings, which will be available free via sign-up here.