NEW! In cooperation with Nielsen Music/BDS, Mediabase and Country Aircheck, Stone Door Media Lab offers its latest findings on potentially predictive data in relation to Country music airplay, as presented at the 2017 NAB/RAB Radio Show in Austin, Texas.

For the new September 2017 “Dicing The Data” PowerPoint presentation, click HERE. And click HERE for the accompanying text that offers explanations and more details for each slide.

This report is an updated and expanded study originally presented at the Country Radio Seminar on March 2017 by the Stone Door Media Lab and leading Country radio trade publication Country Aircheck, with airplay data courtesy of Mediabase. The report showed for the first time which of 38 factors most influence radio station program directors in their decisions to add new singles or increase airplay on current music. The report also documents how certain programming behaviors and chart performance characteristics indicate correlations to the outcome of Country singles.

For the original March 2017 report, click HERE to see the original 40-slide PowerPoint deck with all the details. And click HERE for the accompanying original six-page presentation text that offers explanations and more details for each slide.

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